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Pia Name      Project Name
Sl.NoPIA NameProject NameProject Sanction NumberSanctioned AmountDate of release of first installmentAmount released in the first installment Date of release of 2nd installmentAmount released in the 2nd installment Date of release of 3rd installmentAmount released in the 3rd installment Installment Applied forFunds ReceivedFunds UtilizedUtilization PercentageProject Status
1A&D SolarisSGSY for Employment oriented computer life skill and vocational trainingNo J-17034/1/2008-SGSY-II(SP) dated 12.01.20091,489.1806 Feb 2009272.14 0 0First272.14On Going
2A4eA4e Skill for Work for Training and CertificationJ-17046/35/2009-SGSY-II(SP) Dated: 30/03/20101,498.9623 Jan 2012281 0 0First281.00On Going
3Aide-et-ActionSGSY - Decentralized Demand Drive Training & PlaceJ-17024-5-2007-SGSY-II-SP, dated 30.03.20071,081.3512 Jun 2008218.9819 Nov 2010196.0429 Mar 2012109.95Third524.97On Going
4AISECTSGSY for Establishing Livelihood Resource CentresJ-17024/26/2007-SGSY-II(SP)943.7727 Dec 200817,695,50022 Feb 201035,391,00031 Jan 2012154Third53,086,654.00On Going
5Ajmal FoundationSkill Training for Employment & Placement (STEP)J-17046/62/2009-SGSY II1,499.9213 Apr 2010277.0215 Jul 2011554.03 0Second831.05On Going
6All Services Global Pvt. Ltd.Spl project under SGSY for training and placementJ-17046/104/2009-SGSY-II(SP) dated 16-12-20101,499.909 Feb 2011281.23 0 0First281.23On Going
7AROHSGSY SPJ-17046/1/2009 Dated 22-12-200968607 Mar 2010128.6325 Mar 2011257.2527 Mar 2012121.23Third507.11On Going
8AROHSGSY(SP) BundelkhandJ-17046/25/2010-SGSY-II(SP) Dated 1-3-20121,488.418 Apr 2012269.11 0 0First269.11On Going
9AROHASDP For Bihar & JharkhandJ-17046/37/2012 SGSY-II (SP) 25-03-201347708 May 201386.33 0 0First86.33On Going
10Avon facility Management Services Pvt . LtdAvon ParivarthanJ-17046/11/2011 SGSY 11(SP)369.719 Mar 201268.28 0 0First68.28On Going
11BHASKAR FOUNDATIONEmployability Skills in Plumbing Industry (ESPI)J-17046/31/2009-SGSY-II(SP) dated 02.02.2010319.7530 Jun 201057.8115 Dec 2011115.62 0Second173.43On Going
12BHASKAR FOUNDATIONSpecial Project under SGSY for MPCGJ-17046/7/2009-SGSY-IISP dated 16.11.200949524 Feb 201089.4911 Feb 2012179 0Second268.49On Going
13BOSCOEast & North EastJ-17046/34/2009-SGSY-II (SP) DATED 31-12-20091,495.5408 Mar 2010276.206 Aug 2011552.4 0Second828.60On Going
14BOSCONorth Central StatesJ-17046/2009-SGSY-II (SP) Dated 14-10-20091,496.1201 Jan 2010284.4729 Sep 2011568.94 0Second853.41On Going
15BOSCOSouth West StatesJ-17046/33/2009-SGSY-II (SP) DATED 12-03-20101,488.4713 May 2010274.901 Jun 2011549.8 0Second824.70On Going
16BOSCOSouth StatesJ-17046/33/2009-SGSY-II (SP) Dated 09-02-20101,488.4705 Apr 2010274.901 Jun 2011549.821 May 2012266.48Third1,091.18Closed
17BVG India Ltd.SGSYSP HospitalityJ17046/122/2010sgsyIIsp1,480.1731 Mar 2011273.6731 Mar 2012555 0Second828.67On Going
18BVG India Ltd.SGSY SP Facility ManagementJ17046/122/2010sgsyIIsp1,480.1731 Mar 2011273.7631 Mar 2012555 0Second828.76On Going
19BVG India Ltd.SGSY SP Health CareJ17046/122/2010sgsyIIsp1,480.1731 Mar 2011273.7631 Mar 2012555 0Second828.76On Going
20CAPSGSY-I(NIRD)J-17046/17/2008 SGSY-II(SP)1,944.818 May 2009373.4530 Mar 2011103.94 0Second477.39On Going
 Total :  24,202.84 17,699,835.13 35,396,291.83 651.66 53,096,778.61   

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