Note: All reports are updated till 10 Feb 2020
Various Sub Schemes under ASDP

Under ASDP, Ministry has dedicated programs “Himayat” for J&K and “Roshni” for 24 most critical Left Wing affected Districts.
Roshini – a special scheme for tribal areas and critical LWE affected districts

Roshni – a special scheme for tribal areas and critical LWE affected districts A special scheme called Roshini with separate guidelines has been launched that takes into account the peculiar situation in selected critical Left Wing Extremist affected (LWE) districts. In particular it provides for training programs over different time periods. Currently these are for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. In the 12 month format besides the normal, skill, IT and soft skill training, trainees are also provided National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) certification depending on the standard at which they dropped out of the formal school structure. The norms in these guidelines will not be applicable to Roshini projects in both AAP and SSP states. Roshni will be extended to cover all tribal (Schedule V) areas and the scheme will be oriented towards addressing the infrastructure, education and health deficiencies in these areas, and leveraging the availability of natural resources and traditional skills and knowledge.
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Parvaz – a special scheme for drop outs from Madrasas

Parvaz – a special scheme for drop outs from Madrasas A pilot initiative called Parvaz with separate conditions is currently under implementation. This seeks to test a separate model for poor rural youth who have dropped out of Madrasas. Under this program poor rural youth are being provided yearlong training using NIOS curriculum and provided NIOS certification. In the last three months of this program trainees are being given skill, IT and soft skill training and provided placement in the formal sector. This initiative is currently a pilot. Based on lessons learnt formal guidelines will be issued and a new scheme launched.
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Himayat – a special scheme for Jammu and Kashmir

MORD operates a special scheme under ASDP for Jammu and Kashmir which covers urban as well as rural youth and BPL as well as APL persons.. HIMAYAT has a mandate to train youth from Rural and Urban youth and the trainee could be from APL as well as BPL families.This is a 100% centrally funded scheme implemented with the help of the state government by a dedicated Himmayat Mission Management Unit located in Srinagar and Jammu
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